2007 — 25 August: Saturday and sunnier

All systems are currently working, thank goodness! So, in that sense, we may just be doing better than at this same point in the first two cycles. I do hope so. The morning meds are going on board, and I shall start brekkie prep in a few minutes. (I've just been marvelling at exactly how much stuff can be crammed into a 2CV after a day trip to France. Very impressed.)

All meds and brekkie safely loaded. Time to start on a shopping task list for Junior to help me pick up if and when he ever wakes up this side of noon. (Kids today, heh?)

When did it become so hot?

Shades, one might say, of a childhood August Bank Holiday in the 1950s. Wow. Asda has had its shelves carefully rifled, and I picked up the fancy new med, too. I managed about two thirds of the crossword, but my companion in crime is more asleep than awake at the moment. Can't say I blame Her. 'Twas quite a long night.

Message from Christa

Basically, She says if you send email to her address on Her PC She may not see it for 48 hours because She's simply not using Her system for several days at a time. And I don't always remember to switch it on to check Her email either. Of course, if you send Her email via my address (david@molehole.org) I'll make sure She gets it (probably by printing it out for Her). I'm sure you understand.