2007 — 23 August: a sunnier start

Even if we did jointly conclude that John Humphreys1 in the bedroom is rather harder to sustain than in the kitchen.

She has just demolished breakfast with relish (as it were) so I shall have to get some for myself to be able to face the crossword. More later.

Meds (including Chemo) safely onboard and a degree of restful zizzing going on, interspersed with drafting lists of tasks for me, of course. She's obviously a far better Time Manager than I currently am. Small-scale hunter-gathering expotition being planned, taking in surgery (for a repeat prescription), paper shop (for yet another failed delivery of the Radio Times) and — can you believe this? — Post Office to apply for a provisional driving licence. Last night I contacted the chap who did a very good job teaching Junior a few years back. Let's hope the driving genes don't all come from Christa's side of the family! I also, more or less, fell asleep last night over the Driving Test theory2 book that I bought a few weeks ago.



1  This is probably lost on people who don't "do" BBC Radio 4, of course..
2  Why are three of our pedestrian crossing systems named after birds, and one after a zebra, I wonder. And just what does a "Toucan" crossing look like in any case, infra-red pedestrian sensors and all...?