2007 — 21 August: drizzly windy Tuesday

Alas, midnight pain came a'knocking after a good two hours sleep. But the topup morphine and the ice pack knocked it back into its corner and She then slept well for another six hours or so (interspersed with a couple of hours reading during which I guess I was oblivious). Not brilliant overnight sleeping for me, as I tend to wake to see if my help is needed, such as it is, but now breakfast and the morning meds routine are complete. And, as has become usual at this time, there's some more pain to be flattened.

I believe you may have seen me mention I hate this disease.

She's now (10:55) dozing peacefully while I force down some brekkie of my own and try to wait patiently and calmly for tomorrow's hospital visit. Self pity is destructive. Worry is useless. I think punching my fist through a brick wall would be futile. Life goes on, I guess. Thanks for the comfort call, Roger!

Oncological Cavalry

I called a member of the oncology team at the hospital ahead of tomorrow's visit. I wanted to update them on the progress of this second cycle and mention the pain that's been a significant feature from time to time in a way that was not so during the first cycle. Talking to the experts is helpful, I must admit. I have a call back later this afternoon after what I've said has been relayed and (I suppose) cogitated over. Christa agrees this was a smart thing to do, which pleases me.

My Girl is up and pottering gently about; pain is on the wane at the moment. This is good.