2007 — 19 August: Sunday, and the living is easier

The tum is back to normal, as is the breakfast and the morning meds routine. So I'm catching up with Car Talk and thinking about the next snailmail to Mama while She lazes around reading the latest New Statesman. Much better, I assure you.

After noon already!

It was really good of John to call in, and good to see him, talk with him and (frankly) lean on him for some much-needed help and comfort for a brief while. I am not always very good on my own! He's been to see us after Christa's surgery last year, the day after I retired last November, and now this. Pretty good, I'd say, as Big Brothers go. Mind you, he saw Her yesterday during a pretty dreadful tummy upset episode, and nobody can be expected to look at their best under such circumstances. Christa's already looking and feeling much better this morning — we've just toddled gently to the post box (a good half mile [or a bad one if it's raining]) to send said snailmail, for example.

Her delight

When She was a "girl" one of Her delights was coffee and cake on a Sunday afternoon (I'm told) — this was long before I came along and swept Her away to England on my White Charger.1 So, this afternoon, She's currently on the bed, having enjoyed first a nap and then a cup of tea with a small slice of cake baked by one of her chums, and a few strawberries with a bit of cream, shopped for by yours truly.

Is it just me...? department

When I see stuff such as the following, do I once again decide I'd never understand the "dismal" science?

The favourable economic conditions of recent years - with low interest rates making credit cheaply available - has helped companies expand and fuelled a takeover boom. But there are clear signs of retrenchment in the financial sector, with firms struggling to find buyers for the debt needed to fund multi-billion pound deals.

BBC News: Market jitters and your pocket

"When I were a lad" debt was not something you could use to buy stuff with. When did that change? Or is this precisely where I've been going wrong for many years?


A small prize, perhaps, for getting nearest to the total crop here? (Click the pic(k)!)

Pear tree

A Good Day?

Well, it's only 20:38 or so, She's bashing away (briefly, I hope) on Her PC. I'm about to finish off the dishes downstairs then prepare Her last three meds for the day. The evening cuppa is cooling towards drinkability. Big Bro rang from his Richard Branson Club Class (or whatever it is) airport hanging-around facility with a report on the state of Mama before setting off for the State of Texas. Junior rang from his London flat "just for a chat". (We will play host to him next weekend.) But, yes: we agree it's been a pretty Good Day on the whole. Certainly a marked improvement from 36 hours ago. Good Night!



1  What is a White Charger, do you suppose? I've never really given it much thought, but suppose it to be a Knight's mode of transport!