2007 — 18 August: Noli Tintinnare again

Please don't ring for a while. The sick bowl was deployed again in the early hours. And, indeed, at a more civilised hour, to fairly awesome effect. Thankfully (do I really mean "thankfully"? yes, I think I do) the heavy finger of suspicion points at the stinking mini Chicken Kiev balls that She ate that I did not eat. Though the smell of the few that were left when I threw them out this morning nearly cost me my brekkie, I can tell you.

Pain again briefly reared its remarkably unwelcome head, too, but we've walloped it with morphine that She has so far kept down. Big Bro (John from NZ) has just arrived (about 11:15) and is a very much more welcome visitor.

So, some hunter-gathering in the local Boots and Asda (aka "Walmart" for the benefit of my American readers) and the problem of lunch is well-solved. Also now have a much higher-tech variant of a cold ice-pack for those odd moments. (It's a gel container that swings both ways — hot and cold — which reminds me of the question one of our footballing Royalty is once said to have asked regarding a Thermos flask: "How does it know to keep soup hot and ice cream cold?")

Time enough for a wide-range Big Brotherly type chat over said lunch. Then a quick slide show for us of the Great Niece at her second birthday party last week on an Air Force base far far away, and (good grief) it's already time for him to shoot off in the direction of dear Mama in the Midlands. See you again, Bro! Thanks for the help and comfort.

Sorbet for Milady?

Goes down a treat, and has yet to reappear. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile, one of my preferred gad-flies has a few words to say on the Scots surrendering to Islam:

In an effort to ensure that no Muslim doctors ever again try to bomb Glasgow Airport, bureaucrats at Glasgow's public hospitals have decreed that henceforth no staff may eat lunch at their desks or in their offices during the holy month of Ramadan, so that fasting Muslims shall not be offended by the sight or smell of their food. Vending machines will also disappear from the premises during that period.
Apparently the bureaucrats believe that the would-be bombers were demanding sandwich-free offices in Glasgow hospitals during Ramadan. This kind of absurdity is what happens when the highly contestable doctrine of multiculturalism becomes a career opportunity for the semi-educated and otherwise unemployable products of a grossly and unnecessarily swollen university system.

Theodore Dalrymple writing in the City Journal "How Societies Commit Suicide"

Unfunnily enough, in light of the sentence I highlighted above, Big Bro had had a few words to say on the quality of the education imbibed by recent grads just a couple of hours before I found this item. And on the quality of life he sees around the planet on his (frequent) travels, particularly since the 2001 WTC attack. The world, he says, has become a nastier place.