2007 — 3 August: déjà-bloody-vu all over again

Dreadful night. Heavy use of the sick bowl. No output from the sick bowel. Already consulted the professionals and (as I more than 90% expected from my over-familiarity with the booklet on the Chemo drug) I'm now to stop the Chemo and hammer the throughput problem in a ghastly re-run of the same point in Her Chemo cycle #1 three weeks ago. We've done it before, we'll do it again.

I cannot believe anyone really wants to read this, and I surely don't want to write it1 just now. I've spoken to Christa about this and, with Her agreement, I'll probably only resume when we have more positive news. I need to spend most of my energy keeping me going so I can do the best I can for my Best Girl. But now (10:15) with all but the Chemo onboard, She's finally up to tackling a little light breakfast, so I shall finally do the same!

Light at the end of the tunnel... department

To the immense relief of all parties, sluggish mechanisms are kicking back into action as we stroll towards the early evening. (The on-call GP at the local surgery sounded at least as relieved as I am when he called us to check 20 minutes ago, believe me.) No further vomiting, either. So, another not-so-gentle hammering with the meds overnight and, if successful, I will have the green light to resume the Chemo bombing exactly as in Cycle #1. This is nerve-wracking stuff, but now seems to be shaping up into one of those precious Good Days!



1  As I said before, sometimes an online diary has relatively limited therapeutic properties! But Christa insists that, if I find it helpful, I should continue with it.