2007 — 14 July: forward gear engaged again

My first call to Her this morning brings good news. The problems and glitches at the start of yesterday are being quite speedily resolved with some overnight meds. This should mean a resumption of the main chemo after only about a day's hiatus and the work of killing the bad guys can then resume full steam ahead. This is very good. And I have no moral qualms about killing said bad guys, believe me.

While I may feel nothing moves or works as fast as it could or should1 the fact is I have to keep saying to myself "one day at a time".

I will again call in on Her this afternoon. Can you believe, it's only just occurred to me that I can take in a packed sandwich or two to extend the time I stay (I'm more of a grazer than a feaster)?

My new mantra

In the two or three minutes of consciousness that remain after I pop the sleeping pill — and, boy, did I find that out the hard way! — I mutter to myself "No pain, and treatment started". Not very Buddhist, but it comforts me. (My apologies to my latest pair of dinner acquaintances in whose comforting presence I singularly failed to sparkle yesterday evening, alas.)

Back on track

The chemo resumed at 18:00 today (to my relief and delight). I spent the bulk of the afternoon with her. And I'm saving the juiciest snippet for last: She may come home on Tuesday to undertake the rest of the first treatment cycle under my nervously watchful eyes. I shall see Her man (Her other man, you understand) on Monday late-ish afternoon to discuss the ins and outs of this new high-responsibility job of mine.

Definitely drooping when I phoned in to check at 22:00 but, on balance, a Good Day. Sleep tight! Plus there's been another delivery of some Boston Legal episodes for us to watch. Thank you, Len!



1  I could have a fascinating chat with Einstein on Time dilation under emotional, rather than Relativistic, stress one day.