2007 — 13 July: marking time

This is what we writer chappies used to call a "rough draft" or "placeholder". I'm assuming I'll be so dopey tomorrow morning (that is, today, but not yet!) that I'd better lay down some text here to just type over with something more meaningful as and when I have unglued the eyelids.

Well, the glue started to work loose at about 4.35, but I drifted and dozed for another three hours or so, and feel reasonably rested. It's now approaching 9:30 and I've just had my morning chat with Her. She had a goodish night without sleeping pills, and her morning has somewhat matched mine. Three cups of tea1 so far, and She's also breakfasted on burpy prunes (inter alia) and had her dose of chemo for the morning. She also read the paper (though not sure which day) for an hour or so last night/this morning. Now She intends to put her head down for the missed hour or so. She saw the consultant (technically, one of the several) last night and is due another visit (though not sure by which) sometime this morning. Fingers so tightly crossed my knuckles are a bit white!

I will aim to call in on Her this afternoon after a manly distracting adventure (and lunch) at World of Water.

Said distraction

Is just about to start after a swift shuffle around Sainsburys in Eastleigh and a minor league cash top up from those useful holes-in-the-wall jobbies. Luckily, I got home just perfectly timed to catch her latest list of ransom demands, so that's all in hand.

I have my mobile (now there's something I never expected to be saying...) though, ironically, its signal reception at home is actually pathetic. (We're in a bit of a dip, you know.)

Not too good, but not too bad

Glitches at the start of Her day, it turns out, but more positive news by the end of it. It's now 22:30 and I am so dead beat I feel I could sleep for a week. See you tomorrow...



1  She has to drink a lot to help her kidneys flush the drugs through and out of her system without lingering overlong.