2007 — 6 July: one step at a time

I am discovering the relatively limited therapeutic properties of an online diary, it seems. Still, at least She seems to have had a better night than the wretched one I have just endured.

If anyone wants me, my address today will be the Nuffield Wessex, it seems. Wonder what their lunches are like?
Recent update: actually I blagged a free roll and some rather sorry soup with even sorrier bacon bits in it. Musn't look a gift-horse, and all that. More interestingly, also back on the menu is the possibility of radiation therapy to blast away at the main trouble maker, as well as the chemo. They've obviously decided that the "lifetime" dose She had back in 1983 may have worn off a bit by now. Plus, her kidney function, blood salt levels etc are all doing well (the continuing minor urinary infection is so minor in the scheme of things they're just swamping it with antibiotics) so with luck chemo will start on Monday, I suspect in the Chalybeade (Chalybeate?) down in Southampton.
Even "recenter" update: She's just rung; mustn't forget to take her a pair of slippers on my evening visit. Hope She's not planning to abscond. She was tucking into her evening meal in slow-motion but with gusto. She'd started with the same sorry soup I had, but loved it. I'll be staying with her again tomorrow. After all, I've (literally) nothing better or nicer to do!

It's a Good Thing to see one's soul and life mate for three hours, I can tell you, even if it does rather get through the old hankies.


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