2007 — 7 July: the waiting game

I'm pleased to learn She had a good night. (How very circumscribed one's horizons can become, heh?) My own night was fine until about 6.30, when I woke up and it all came tumbling back into my head. I went in to sit with her from just before 9 courtesy of my chum Peter.

In fact, I've just got back from the hospital, knackered! On Monday I gather she'll be starting chemo at the General in Southampton. I expect I'll be staying with her again tomorrow. After all, I've (literally) nothing better or nicer to do!

She's commanded me to write some sort of "round robin" to the neighbours putting them, as it were, into the picture. That will be a fun exercise... I may post the draft here.


Her brother's response, from Germany, is to send her a block of chocolate and some stupid little illustrated comedy book "Der Weisse Neger Wumbaba" which roughly translates as the white Negro Wumbaba. Though I've never yet burned a book, now might be a good time to start. <Ho-bloody-hum!>