2007 — 4 July: it's good to have a hobby

Today's hobbies — both firsts for me (pretty much) — are figuring out the latest washing machine's modus operandi and writing a note1 in German to Christa's brothers to give them their sister's health news. The first of these was a doddle (with technical input from Mike P) and the second was a doddle after Mike gave me a lift up to the hospital to pick up her draft and deliver some jim-jams (as requested).

Pause, while we make the visit and the return journey, just ahead of yet more rain.

The note is now despatched, complete with some very funny looking words, and the washing machine seems to be doing the spinning bit of its washing thing.
Recent update: Perfect, even if the whole thing took 2.5 hours elapsed. When I reported this, She said I'd have to show Her how to use the thing properly! She maintains that running a household is a simple matter of organisational routine, if you please. I trust She finds my fitful efforts amusing. Now, where's my copy of Cheaper by the Dozen and remind me what a therblig is...

She had a good night and, considering the combination of morphine and remnants of yesterday's anaesthesia, was quite lucid today at lunchtime. I shall see her again tonight.
Recent update: Yep, she's had a good day and is reasonably jolly. Mr Chemo and Mr Waterworks are both back on Her case tomorrow, it seems.


Life goes on. As will today's soup for me and my neighbour, any minute now. <Ho-bloody-hum!>



1  Drafted by She who must be adored, I suspect, earlier this morning. And written in child-like script to minimise the risk of my transcription errors. She is amazing!