2007 — 3 July: interesting times

I've never made the effort to track down whether it is true that the Chinese curse says May you live in interesting times. I suspect it may well be. Christa's CT scan has clarified matters. As I told our son last night:

Mum's got her results and needs some further treatment. She is, as ever, more complicated in what goes wrong with her.

She will get some immediate minor surgery to fix the waterworks. That may happen tomorrow, and will allow her kidneys to resume working. She's also going to need a course of chemo-therapy to mop up the part of her cancer from last year that dodged the surgeon and is now the root cause of all her present woes by simply growing and causing pressure on her bladder and bowel.

We're both very relieved to have a clear idea of what's going wrong and how it can best be fixed.

Not uniformly good news, but we remain optimistic. Keep your fingers crossed for her. She will be off work for at least four weeks, which I now have to tell her company, of course.


From what she said last night, I'm also delighted to hear that her painkillers are already helping enormously.1

Life goes on. Today's Fast is not yet Broken, but at least yesterday's Guardian can, along with today's junk mails, be discarded. More minor domestic necessities have yet to be obtained. I think I'll give the torrential rain a chance to bugger off first. <Ho-bloody-hum!>

Today's philosophical decision... department

I've decided tomorrow's problems can wait until tomorrow from now on... Or, for those of you who remember that far back: "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof".



1  I stand by my previous comment: She's an unbelievable unwimp!