2007 — 30 June: living in a Somerset Maugham novella

Rain, that is. Though not as wet as "normally arid" Baluchistan, or the Asian districts suffering (in some cases) four times their annual rainfall in the last 24 hours. Makes lowering the water level in the pond look like very small beer.1 Flaming June, indeed!

Dispersing the gloomy clouds

Junior is here, down from London to see his dentist. And fill up his media player with refreshed copies of my MP3s for safe, offsite storage. So he's about to take me out for some retail therapy in between the showers. Excellent!


For those of us of a certain age... I have just ripped one of the nicest CDs in my collection:

Sky in my Pie

Sky in my Pie coupled with Head in the Clouds from 1972 and 1975 — sheer magic! I bought the first one on vinyl and gave it to Dad for his birthday as he so much liked the Alec Templeton track "Bach goes to town" on it. (I've just learned from Mrs Google that Templeton was Welsh, and blind from birth. But had perfect pitch and a phenomenal memory.)



1  The stein I use is quite large, and works out at four to the bucket!