2007 — 29 June: TGIF (once again)

Not much point waiting in for Mr Postie today, it seems. Nor much to detain me in today's Guardian, it (also) seems.

Saved by Amazon... department

Good mornin' young feller-me-lad, what'cha got there for me?

Excellent! They can neatly displace the finished Dawkins on the bedside. (I browsed both books in the UK's over-priced High Street at some length earlier in the week; the Altman DVD was [of course] a no-brainer.)

Here's a tiny bit of Rowson describing summer holiday camps that, with two small changes of detail1 could have been a precise extract from my own childhood memories:

My sister and I would go to the shop to buy packets of sour cherry boiled sweets, and on a rotating wire rack were flimsy, pulpish American publications with paintings on the front covers of scantily clad women tied up in ropes, looking in horror at leering, bald SS officers with monocles and riding crops, or buck-toothed Japanese wearing thick-lensed spectacles, thus neatly reducing the whole of the Second World War merely to provide the context for some cheap and rather sordid titillation.

Martin Rowson

Come to think of it, I host a quotation about Adam Parfrey's study of this sub-genre of literature along similar lines...

Big Bidness... department

NPR has just told me that Walmart sales last year were up 8% to a staggering $348,000,000,000.

RSI... department (1)

Bailing out the pond, stein by stein, into a bucket and thence back to the water butt. The pond half of the bog garden, that is. While the rain does its best to defeat me, of course. Such stuff as dreams are made of, or drenched words to that general effect.

RSI... department (2)

Opening the door, and signing for another Amazon delivery:

Way off the road

On that last point, I gather next year marks a turning point whereby 50% of the population will be urbanised, rather than rural. For anyone ahead of that particular demographic curve, let me point out that the creature at bottom left is called a "cow". Check out Pink Floyd's album Atom Heart Mother for a close-up!



1  The gender of my sibling, and the fact that I never attended such a camp!