2007 — 28 June: the ripping, the ripping, is there no end?

Actually, there is. I have just under four boxes of CDs to go (though I've not yet mentioned the revolving tower of classical CDs, have I?) The current score is 1,420 CDs but, as I'm finding it increasingly difficult to keep my eyes open (despite Late Junction's best efforts), I shall call it a day/night for the time being.

I must admit, I know exactly how Anne Fadiman feels in her essay Night Owl! (See yesterday if that puzzles you.)

Resuming seamlessly...

In fact, I remember working out for myself exactly why late-night freelance programming1 was called "moonlighting" 30 years ago as I used to walk home from my client's house across the village of Old Windsor to stumble into bed by the light of the silvery moon (as it were). Kids today, heh?

Speaking of which:

I know there are women who can lift heavier weights than I can, but on the whole, boys are more interested in the use of urine as secret ink than girls are. We wanted to write a book that celebrated boys — with all their differences and geeky love of knowledge, skills and stories. There just isn't anything wrong with trying to do that.

Conn Iggulden in "In Praise of Skinned Knees and Grubby Faces"

I preferred to use lemon juice, myself. It generally led to fewer questions from dear Mama, though was best done in the vicinity of Shrove Tuesday when the vital ingredients were more often to hand. (Although Dad enjoyed an evening gin and tonic, I don't remember lemons being around for any part of that 1950s suburban ritual.)

Having had to walk to the newsagent to get my daily fix of the Guardian, what do I find?

Britain had the fourth biggest number of the world's wealthiest, with a total of 484,580 high-net worth individuals, up 8.1% from 2005. Only the US, Japan and Germany have more. Britain is home to 16.7% of Europe's super-rich.

Angela Balakrishnan in The Guardian

Let joy be unconfined. (I suppose.) Unsurprisingly, I find I am not an HNWI2 let alone an Ultra-HNWI (nor in the slightest danger of becoming one if ERNIE continues to misbehave and sulk).

If it carries on raining... department

Fully-zoomed results of a local post code search of the UK environment agency's web site at 2:30 pm or thereabouts:

local flood risk

The Monk's Brook is our local troublemaker.



1  To be strictly accurate, the programming was mostly done earlier in the evening, while my brain still remained semi-functional after a day at the Orifice. The late night portions were the entering, compiling, and loading of the code, followed by its functional testing.
2  High Net Worth Individual (basically someone with $1m to play with excluding their first home[s]). For the "Ultra" prefix, multiply that by a factor of 30x.