2007 — 1 July: is it still wet out there?

I do hope not. Rabbits, by the way.

Rabbits! (Hah!)

Peter was with us this weekend, as he had a dental appointment and has yet to sort out a more local one. Lucky for us, at least. He was therefore able to help me get Christa back into hospital this morning.

When the two of us saw her latest "chap" last Thursday he arranged a new CT scan for tomorrow and a more comprehensive investigation (under anaesthetic) for Tuesday. Then it was a question of hang on if you can... but if things get too bad, give me a call...

I had to call him last night as she'd added some painful cramps to the previous and continuing mélange of symptoms. On top of a three-week stint of completely broken nights sleep this was the final straw. I therefore decided it was definitely time to call in the Cavalry. (I caught him at a dinner party, but he reacted promptly and efficiently, arranging for her to be examined and admitted this morning at 9 a.m.)

So she's yet again in hospital — albeit a different one — where I hope she will be more comfortable than I could make her here at home. Looking back, I can see that this has been going on for more than two months now. The latest I heard this afternoon (when I called in on her when Peter set off to return to London) was that she does, indeed, have some form of urinary infection, which may well explain a number of the symptoms. (This despite the GP ruling it out a couple of weeks ago.) I would almost be pleased at this point since it represents, in all probability, something that can more easily be nailed.

Meanwhile, Life sort of goes on (of course). The rain keeps raining. Latterly, the sun has been peeking out from time to time. The wind blows. Idiots drive petrol-soaked vehicles into Glasgow airport while shouting the name of Allah. The pond (or what's left of it) now has to be baled out somewhat more often as it has reduced capacity. Our new water butt is therefore already full to the brim in readiness for the next round of drought conditions.