2007 — Day 66 - best man? me?

My brother, who surely lacks my imagination, nominated me to be his best man on this day in 1972. Happy anni, big bro! May all your corks be well-screwed.3

More to come department

Cast your mind back to Day 61 — oh, alright then: here. I think I've found a better Easter Island likeness:

Easter Island Cousins

Coincidence? I don't think so

So I'm listening to "Morning Edition" from NPR news and a piece about Bob Seger's new album when Mr Postie pops the following DVD through the letterbox:

Come the Revolution

When October Books relocated to Portswood it was no longer on our/my beaten track. However, now that Waitrose4 has also moved there from the West Quay temple of Mammon, She who must be adored decided it was time to go look-see. Hence, a most fruitful browse for me (not including the pomegranate she bought me):

Oh, and a nice "Fair Trade" bag to put this lot in, too.

8 January 2007  


3  I could do an infinitely better speech these days...
4  Yes, yes, I know there's a Waitrose just up the road from us in the vicinity of Fryern Arcade, but making that argument is analogous to the protest my ex-colleague Graham made on my business trip to Florida with him in 1984: "But you've just been in a bookshop, Dave! Why do you want to go in another one?" You try explaining to a non-reader...