2007 — Day 65 - guess who's 90 today?

I've asked her to put the kettle on, of course, if they have electricity up there so far north of Watford.

More to come department

Watch this space! Could have been a lot worse. Torrential rain going and coming home (which we did at about 10 pm). Tom Tom had its usual set of hissy fits as we declined its recommendations at almost every turn. But then we could read what the hazard warnings said on the motorway whereas it remained blissfully ignorant. Helium balloon was a bit of a let down, retaining only enough buoyancy to support itself, and not its long, pink ribbon. I was tempted to inhale from it purely to do an "Alvin".

The festschrift prepared by Lis downunder went down a great treat, being read three times, each time as if for the first. Mind you, the comments it evoked remained remarkably consistent.

Even older aunt is in far worse shape than mater, sad to say (and see). Remind me again what exactly are the benefits of old age? Oh well, tomorrow is another day free of work. Things are looking up already!

Bartimaeus rules!

I finished the trilogy by Jonathan Stroud last night; it is excellent, and I can see why it's sold over 3m copies worldwide. I shall now track down his other work.

7 January 2007