2007 — Day 61 - you wait ages, and then three come along in a row...

Typical. You can spend a snuffly fortnight during the festive season wondering if anything worth watching will show up on TV (and, in the daytime, the chances are generally very low). Then, sneaked out on a Tuesday evening, you get a "ten years on" look at This Life (which was not as well-written as Peter's Friends but certainly classes as interesting). Plus you get an interview with Armando Iannucci, who is so intelligent as to be scary. Plus you get a double-length dose of The Thick of It. All in the space of less than three hours.

42 pence a day? It's not enough.

Today's chortle

Thank you to the Guardian for helping me spread toast crumbs on the bedspread:


Enron ahoy!

I note there is a showing of the film about Enron tonight. Before watching, I think it worth reading Malcolm Gladwell's piece in the New Yorker even given the 20:20 nature of hindsight. It draws a nice distinction between "puzzle" and "mystery". The former gets easier with more information; the latter doesn't...

Iris? Hours of Absolute Power!

Thank you, Mr Postie:

3 January 2007