2007 — Day 60 - Getting stuck into retirement

Somehow, with the new year comes a new attitude. Or maybe, realisation. Although (oddly) IBM sent me a payslip today that seems to suggest they were still deducting my AVCs. The 40% tax reminds me it's time I had a word with the tax man (if I can find one in Southampton before they get made redundant, of course). Higher rate tax is a thing of the past!

Everything is relative department

It's time for a comprehensive reworking of things around here. Relative addressing (not how I speak to Mater) rules! Though it does mean some of my server side includes can't be quite as lax as before. <Sigh>

Remains? What's wrong with "body"?

NPR talks about the "remains" of former President Ford. Did he not have a body? And how differently they treat different former heads of state...

Urban exploration, with a Blur-red twist

I have a chum (who, it occurs to me, may wish to remain anonymous) who combines a talent for photography with a keen interest in what's called "urban exploration". (No, I hadn't a clue about what it meant either; you'll soon catch on.) Chum sent me a link to a video he made, and posted on YouTube. Since I don't have, or need, an account with that site, let me thank and congratulate him here!

2 January 2007