2007 — Day 59 - Happy 2007!

Things, as they say, can only get better. And now that all the morons with their fireworks and excessive alcohol seem to be safely off the streets, and the sun is shining brightly, it's definitely time for our trip to the seaside.

Shut that protectionist racket!

Chum Brian has just sent me (to be exact, I have just returned from the giant blow job at the seaside to find in my inbox) the following fascinating analysis of possible costs of Windows Vista content protection. Perhaps I should forward it to Adrian Hope (Barry Fox) to provoke a rant? The author, Peter Gutmann, describes himself as a professional paranoid, and works in the Dept. of Computer Science at the University of Auckland. He also hosts a write-up of a two-month power outage in Auckland in February to April 1998 that somehow didn't seem to make the news over here. To re-use that IBM jargon: incredible!

In the frame department

Overnight, chum Brack (already in 2007 at the time!) was kind enough to point me to an interesting article on The Framing Wars from which, besides deriving intellectual pleasure, I was able to abstract a delicious quotation for the letter "L". Thanks, Ian.

DOM? What's he smoking now?

I always (eventually) give in to Junior (except when he's wrong). So, while browsing idly in Borders in that seaside town, I picked up at least one item he should thoroughly approve of:

1 January 2007