2006 — Day 48 - Melvyn Bragg and Hell

BBC Radio 4 in the morning, heh? What a dubious pleasure it can be. Were I that way inclined, I suppose it might be thought comforting that Hell as a destination only really took off (unlike any of today's fog-bound Heathrow flights) with the advent of Christianity.

Mind you, the Guardian is hardly any cheerier. Annually I cast a jaundiced eye over the King William school quiz. Annually I shudder and flip the page. I used to relish the world of weird facts and trivia; not any more, it seems. But then, having been a member of the winning "Killer Sprouts" trivia team back in 1989, it has to be all downhill since then...

Klutz factor strikes again

Remember I managed to get my (never-used) savings account whisked out of dormancy? And the august Institution in question even re-sent me my (long-forgotten, never used) PIN? I wonder if you can guess who's now mislaid the all-important card for the local hole-in-the-wall machine even though, at £2 a pop, or some such outrageous amount, I actually had no intention of using it in any case. Still, that hasn't stopped me toddling along this (freezing, foggy) lunchtime to attempt the opening with them of a current account that asserts it can be managed via the Net or phone, and pays interest (on, at least, the first £2,500) that shames my present bank's 0.1% into oblivion. Of such minor triumphs does a retired chap's day consist.

Well, that, and being invited to join Amazon's new "Askville" web-based answer to the now defunct "Ask Google". See above re "trivia", or ask me again when this blasted cold and sore throat/cough have moved on. Askville is a place where you can ask any question on any topic and get real answers from real people. Not judging by my cursory examination, it isn't. But then I have a slight thing against people who don't bother to spell correctly or, failing that, use some spell-checking tool. Besides, at least one of the questions was an invitation to law-breaking...

21 December 2006