2006 — Day 49 - Ms. Whitehouse loves Mr Jupitus?

BBC 6Music in the morning, heh? Mind you, I spent most of the morning so far (from around 3:30) with NPR, quietly downstairs, coughing and spluttering (and not just at the news).

Where's my breakfast?

I suspect She who must be adored has fled into either the shelves of Lidl or the arms of her hairdresser. There were some dark mutterings after the recent self-administered trim the other night. And my offers were actually spurned, too. We shall see, as they say. Actually, she's just returned, un-further-trimmed, reporting heaving queues and masses everywhere she went.

Low temperature acquisitions

A chilled-out young postal chappie dropped off both very welcome news from the IBM pension department (about whom I won't tolerate even a smidgin of criticism) and the following (I suspect, final) item for the year's bookish shelf — CSS Mastery by Andy Budd. I would be ashamed to reveal how many basic misunderstandings this has already cleared up in what passes for my cortex. (I hadn't fully appreciated the difference between "id" and "class", let alone the [now-obvious] point that the former must be unique on a given web page.) One lives and, just occasionally, one still seems to learn. Death to "quirks" mode, I say.

It being Friday an' all, and having convinced "She" that the medical thermometer, like the camera, cannot lie, we made a brief afternoon escape trip into a heaving town where, feeling Foppish, I landed in ascending order of delight upon three DVDs each costing £3:

I'm now taking my (mild) fever back to bed for a while.

22 December 2006