2006 — Day 7 - a week is a long time in retirement, not!

How (in the words of every retiree I know bar one) did I ever have time to go to work?

Junior has an unerring ability to (try to) get me to spend money. Today he draws my attention, such as it is, to a Joel on software column about the infinite music collection. But I haven't even finished combing through and eliminating the duplicate MP3s on my own little system.

Shopping news

Well, I'm no Annie Proulx (nor have I read The shipping news) but I did manage to alight on a nice set of DVDs in, as it were, my local Virgin. Details to follow, he added breathlessly, but a delayed lunch takes precedence. By the way, "Hi, Len!". We were the idiots in the pale green Toyota who waved and hooted as you whizzed past on the inside lane at the Chilworth roundabout on your way back to the Lab (I assume) after a visit to your Dad.

10 November 2006