2006 — Day 6 - RGB? Pah! Gimme Y-C anyday!

For Christopher, who doesn't want buttons that yield "404"! All will be revealed re today's title if (and only if) I ever get a TV picture through the scaler ever again <Sigh>

Hell's bells. Anyone want to buy a (partially working) A/V system?

In other news...

Well, just in time for Mike and Bryan's post-meal video treat, I have (about twelve hours later) a more or less (less is not more) working system, but bereft of RGB connections (and shorn of all blessed SCARTs) until I re-solve the mystery of getting the video scaler to respond properly to an RGB-Sync signal with anything other than a remarkably blue screen of death. I am using only Y-C (S-Video) signals which said scaler does play nicely with. But I feel sure I'm missing a tad of resolution somewhere between the scan lines.

As always, not all my kit can input or output the same signal, and, as always, I have too few of one input/output [maybe that should indeed be "inpout" as originally typed] type (co-ax digital) and too many of another (optical digital). Plus I refuse to revert to the use of yet more splitters and RGB to SVid converters. Still, at least the wiring spaghetti is thinner; until I hook up the full surround system once again, of course! I remember when this lark was a lot simpler. Even just changing the type of output signal can be fraught when the source is on the bottom shelf of the "inner" cabinet. Witness my frayed fingertips and nerves.

Time for a nice warm splosh, before the latest central heating pump grinds to a halt, methinks. Next problem: what to show them...

And so (almost) to bed

We alighted, first, on the Reduced Shakespeare Company production of the complete Star Wars; that took care of about 20 minutes, so we followed up with Prime which was new to them. Most enjoyable. And, on the theory that there is something to sumpathetic (must have had too much to drink last night!) magic, I have recast my system diagram as I wish it to work, rather than its current state. Watch this space!

9 November 2006