2006 — Day 8 - I need a vacation

So much for that "minor rework" to the A/V system I laughingly mentioned a couple of days ago. Still, at least I've fixed the errant black level1 ready for Mike's next visit, on both RGB-S and on component inputs, I might add. It's the last time I buy an expensive custom-made SCART to four phono cable when Maplin sell a perfectly adequate lump of connector that performs exactly the same function but without the dubious benefit of added soldering.

It's now 2:15 a.m. and raining, by the sound of it. Now all I have left to do is couple up the minidisc recorder's analogue I/O. Where's my last decent pair of phono leads gone? Where's the entire (yester)day gone, for that matter?

In other news...

The first part of my "Garlik" DataPatrol report has just been prepared — thanks, Barbara R! Ironically, the only thing that has had a negative impact on my credit rating is the fact that nobody has performed searches against my data for the last 12 months. This tends to classify me as "credit inactive" and thus predisposes companies against lending me money. I appreciate the irony. After all, banks will only lend you money if you can prove2 you don't really need it.

If you're reading this, Kathy (in Phoenix), the second half of your delightful IBM "Thank you" showed up. We were just walking down to the local town (to avoid the traffic jams caused by the building work to turn what was one of Mr Kipling's jam tart factories into an un-needed car showroom) when one of our friendly posties drove past — the one who always brings Christa German newspapers when he's been over there — and he stopped to tell us he was en route with a large parcel for us. That gave me the excuse I needed, so he gave me a lift back and Christa was able to use her free bus pass into and out of town.

And finally

The A/V system is once again fully up and running (well, except for the surround speakers, centre, and sub-woofer). I'm now using RGB throughout, except for the hi-def satellite which uses DVI. So, to the fading sounds of whispering Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2, to bed. Beauty sleep is a necessity if we're to see dear Mama tomorrow. (Mind you, she rang us at 3 p.m. today wondering where we were.)

Nearly forgot. The new DVDs (yesterday? how can it only be yesterday?) were

Incidentally, the copy of the "World's Fastest Indian" we have been lent (but not yet watched) has a trailer on it for "The Chumscrubber" which looks most interesting.

11 November 2006  


1  "PLUGE", blacker than black, have your eyes glazed over yet?
2  Shades of that old joke: "How do I stand for a mortgage, sir?" "You don't; you grovel!"