2016 — 12 July: Tuesday

There is, as they say, a first time for everything.1 My little Mazda2 is now in the lap of the service technicians for the next 3.5 hours or so. The 10% discount, by the way, is simply 'cos I bought the thing from them in the first place. I shall be interested to see if they activate the first of the three annual SatNav data refreshes, though how on earth I'll know is anybody's guess.

Last night's soothing entertainment — when I wasn't undergoing my ongoing conversion to Right Wing demagogue2 — was the re-watching of Season #4 of the US House of Cards. Powerful ju-ju.

Is it time...

... for breakfast yet? I'm starving.

An excellent...

... "long read" piece in the Grauniad on "truth" in the digital era will, I've no doubt, go almost entirely unread. Well, I thought it was good. Source and snippet...

The brazen disregard for facts did not stop after the referendum: just this weekend, the short-lived Conservative leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom, fresh from a starring role in the leave campaign, demonstrated the waning power of evidence. After telling the Times that being a mother would make her a better PM than her rival Theresa May, she cried "gutter journalism!" and accused the newspaper of misrepresenting her remarks — even though she said exactly that, clearly and definitively and on tape. Leadsom is a post-truth politician even about her own truths.

Katharine Viner in Grauniad

But name me a non-post-truth politician.

Previewing Unity 8

Interesting stuff here.

There's an...

... extremely clean Mazda2 once again on my drive. But if I want its SatNav data updated, I have to do this "on your PC". "What," asked I, "if I don't have one?" (I thought it better not even to use the 'Linux' word.) "Dunno" was the gist of the waffled reply. Ho-hum. A bite to eat, I suspect, and then some supplies shopping ahead of tomorrow's planned walk.


Poor show, Mazda!

Their online Toolbox:

Where is Linux?

See what I mean? No matter. Make a cuppa, and have another look at these amazing space photos taken from the other side of this oblate spheroid.

Mr Amazon Logistics...

... handed over the William Wyler film I've not seen, though I had a LaserDisc copy of the Spielberg film "back in the day".

Audrey Hepburn DVDs

Several (actually, many) hours later...

... it's turned into a lovely sunny evening, and is fast approaching 20:00 as I finish digesting my simple evening meal, and finish adding my latest batch of accumulated film titles into Kodi. Let's see if Brian's Python can still be charmed into generating a new list of the film collection. (We're still working on the TV material.)



1  On this occasion, the discovery that it's a brisk 14-minute walk — nearly all of it uphill — back from Mr Hendy's garage (where Mr Kipling used to do all his baking in the Glory Days of Empire).
2  The (temporary, I trust) effect of too much exposure to "The Spectator" magazine in one dose. The Force Reality Dysfunction Field is strong in that one.