2016 — 18 April: Monday

As Big Bro's inverted climate starts to threaten his daily dips1 I wake to brilliant sunshine, and a rising barometer. And a cuppa, of course.

I'm predicting...

... an expotition of some sort later today. The thrill of ripping a remaining handful of uncatalogued CDs is a very minor one.

But not...

... to a library!

No comment needed

I know someone...

... who will get a kick out of this:

Sichuan cuisine

Not me. I preferred the neat image. The only way I can so far tolerate the mild pain of capsaicin is when it's humanely diluted with dark chocolate.


Too little, too late?

In 1996, a Republican congressman from Arkansas, Jay Dickey, with strong backing from the National Rifle Association, added an amendment to a spending bill that effectively blocked federal support for research into gun violence and prevention. The American Psychological Association issued a statement of protest. Since then federal funding for such research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has fallen 96 percent. (Twenty years later, in the wake of endless mass shootings, Dickey, no longer in Congress, takes it back. "I wish we had started the proper research and kept it going all this time. I have regrets.")

Russell Jacoby in Chronicle

I've just added...

... a few notes on the SQLite DB Browser before I next need to grapple with it. The version on the Mint repository is too back-level to be of much use.


... the whichness of the why (having now finished "The Life of the World to Come" and embarked on "The Children of the Company", which seems to consist of a series of previously-published short stories mashed together) I have now formed an hypothesis about where this whole storyline is going to end up. Although Kage Baker's writing style has been lurching around more than somewhat, I remain intrigued by her mixture of immortality, cyborgs, AI, and time-travel, and am thus still enjoying the ride. HG Wells was never like this!



1  19C? Brrr!