Browsing a SQLite DB

For my future reference1 I shall describe how to set up and configure a SQLite DB browser with which I can inspect the results of Brian's Python charming on (for example) my Books DB.


... simply by ignoring the version in the Mint repository. It's a tad too back-level to be useful. I ended up following the excellent instructions here (after downloading of the "DB Browser for SQLite" code). Of course, I didn't actually attempt to compile it...

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ sudo make install

... until I'd installed the build-essential, cmake, libqt4-dev and libsqlite3-dev packages that are part of the recipe for success. That would have been silly, wouldn't it? After a minor brief misunderstanding about what constituted the source directory I was able to admire...

DB Browser for SQLite

... the results of a successful compilation and installation process. Though I'm a little puzzled by its claim to be showing records 1 to 7 when it's clearly only displaying six of my books in that view. I shall skip lightly over any questions about my "Books" database being called "David.db" and I suggest you do the same. (There is a long-term master plan. We're not quite there yet.)


1  A code phrase whose true meaning is "next time I do something silly and have to re-install Linux from scratch".