2015 — 8 August: Saturday

An early email this morning1 gives me clear and coherent guidance for melding the two sets of "memories" I've received from NZ, in preparation for the pending civil ceremony of "departure". That will give me a bit to think about before breakfast, methinks. Exercising 'muscles' unused since I did exactly the same with the NZ memories of Christa back in 2007.

But such a task is going to need at least one more cuppa, of course.

The Amazon marketing elves...

... are usually a bit more on the ball than this:

... as a customer with Amazon Instant Video credit on your account, 
you might like to know that one or more of the promotional credits 
you've earned expires on April 30, 2015.

If this is what the "LOVEFilm" operation has metamorphosed into, I remain unimpressed. Still, I suppose it's no worse than Waitrose sending me vouchers for me to print out and use to buy things I have absolutely no interest2 in, or use for. (Cleaning products? Who uses those, I wonder?)

I was blissfully unaware...

... that the apparently not terribly competent ex-CEO of HP now wants to take a crack at being the CEO of the USA. Golly. But then, I never did trust anyone who wears lipstick :-)

I was also unaware...

... that Oracle had even a little toe, let alone a whole leg, to stand on in its "Java copyright" pursuit of Android but — since every US Judge there is (or has ever been) is clearly a far more competent programmer than I will ever be — perhaps cuddly Uncle Larry will prevail :-)

Closer reading...

... of my Mazda2 Owner's Manual (and the 11-page section on its i-stop technology) confirms my instinct to defeat it every time I start the engine. I was also bemused to see the advice to allow the engine to idle for about ten seconds before driving off is verboten in Germany, where you have to drive straight off.

I've just cracked...

... and downloaded some ancient Rollings Stones tracks (including Benny Spellman's "The Fortune Teller" which I had not previously heard them do — though I know the Who [on their Live at Leeds album] introduced their version of it by mentioning that the Stones had by then already recorded it). It's on a compilation I didn't even realise existed: More Hot Rocks (Big Hits and Fazed Cookies). I have the original Hot Rocks compilation, of course, who doesn't? But my copy of that is only on minidisc, dubbed from the cassette tape that I originally recorded from my vinyl copy years ago.

OCD? Me? No. Well, not really. Honest! [Pause] Well, I've just discovered an easy way of setting my Raspberry Pi2 web server "back" to the correct time: do the usual (occasional) update / upgrade and then shut it down and restart it. By the time I've got back downstairs from unplugging and plugging back in the power supply the server is already serving away like a good 'un.



1  From what, I suppose, you might call one of my "nephews-in-law (by marriage)" — if such an entity exists. I prefer to think of him as Simon, son of the late David.
2  Which exactly describes my feelings about streamed video. I realise I'm in a tiny, and steadily shrinking, minority here, of course.