2014 — 17 November: Monday

Apparently the boy Dave is seeing flashing red warning lights1 of global financial danger and collapse. I had no idea he was so perceptive.

Closer to home...

... there's the equally imminent danger of collapse (implosion, in this case) of Mother Hubbard's cupboard. I shall have to get out there and shop, shop, shop to stave off this catastrophe and do my bit for the global economy all in one swell foop. Not without a spot of breakfast, however. [Pause] Can't say I thought much of George Malcolm's harpsichord rendition of "Bach goes to town". I much prefer the John James and Pete Berryman guitar duet version on the 1972 "Sky in my Pie" album.

There's a fascinating piece in the LRB on the latest biography of Philip Larkin. (Link.)

And a depressing one in the Washington Post on the latest book by EO Wilson. (Link.)


... shopped — in ghastly drizzle — and safely stowed; I think I've earned myself another cuppa. Now that I've finished one of the weekend exercises, namely removing the tannin from several treasured mugs (including one that Christa favoured) by application of a concentrated dose of another 'biological' washing machine tablet and regular zaps in the microwave, I have brought back into service a little stainless steel teapot that has the virtue of holding more fluid than the china pot dear Mama gave me as a "leaving home" present.

Even a domesticated chap like me needs his retirement hobbies.

Give that man...

... a coconut:

BoE tough talk

Though quite why the previous Governor was so clearly asleep at the wheel for quite so long remains curious.

Speaking of "curious"...

... I should maybe keep quieter. I've only just realised that the 'bonus' DVD in my 'deluxe' edition of the 2001 film "O" — a basketball-based version of a play by Shakespeare — actually contains...

O/Othello DVD

... the 1922 German version of "Othello", directed by Dimitri Buchowetzki. I could have found that out at any point since buying the DVD in February 2002. Oh, the shame. (I remember Christa and I watched, and quite enjoyed, the 'main' feature, but I guess we didn't feel inspired to go digging among what we [mistakenly] assumed would be a mixture of deleted scenes and more basketball stuff on the 2nd DVD.) And this, despite me seeing the Harlem Globetrotters live in Wembley in the 1960s.

Look back in hunger

I'm still waiting for some of this music...

A typical 104-track VHS hi-fi LP compilation tape

... to make it on to CD. [Pause] But how can one stay irritated when Mr Postie has just dropped off the new Neil Gaiman...

Neil Gaiman's Snow White

... with fabulous illustrations by Chris Riddell? It's a beautiful variation on a theme of "Snow White".

As I begin...

... to think vague thoughts about an evening meal, I must just note that I'd forgotten quite how excellent the 1992 Roger Waters album "Amused to Death" is. Judging by the lyrics, the title must have come from the late Neil Postman's 1985 book. I confess, I stalled2 on that a mere 16 pages in, well over quarter of a century ago.



1  Despite the G20 conference that the Australian PM waxed so lyrical about (and Mr Putin, having eaten his koala bear, left early)?
2  That's the drawback of having an easily-distracted little brain. Or "butterfly mind" as dear Mama characterised it. Not my fault; I blame what Peter's g/f refers to as the "parental units" for the state of my particular genome. And he can blame me and Christa for the state of his, of course. Which almost brings me back to Philip Larkin :-)