2013 — 13 December: Friday

Having thrown some salt over my left shoulder on to a black cat I saw reflected in a broken mirror while walking under a ladder1 I have merely to occupy myself gainfully until the mid-afternoon before setting off on my little pre-Xmas expotition.

Still no tangible evidence coming in from the root canal excavations. So, another nice, hot cuppa it is then.

Just had...

... an abruptly-truncated call from Peter. He got as far as "The car has developed a..." before leaving me dangling. They had intended to travel up tomorrow morning. Oh well, Time will tell. [Pause] A couple of further calls (too much concrete in a shopping centre) and he confirms they are fixing whatever the problem is before they set off some time tomorrow. Good lad!

I've decided...

... to let the 'molehole' web servers cool down for the next couple of days while I'm travelling. I expect some form of diary normality to resume on either Sunday or Monday. Until then, I fully intend to catch up on some / any family gossip and some reading. "Travel light" is my new motto. I've also (I sincerely hope) found a way to dodge the toll section of the M6, thanks to Google Maps. Now it just remains to be seen if I remember to take my wallet with me. Last year, the round trip to retrieve it added 74 miles.

I shall have some lunch, pack a bag, and then it will be TTFN!



1  No point in taking chances.