2013 — 12 December: Thursday

If there's no such thing as free will1 then there isn't much point in my asking "Why am I wide awake at 03:09 instead of nestled in the embrace of Morpheus?" is there? So much for going to bed five hours ago thinking "I'm tired; it's been a long and somewhat stressful day; I may as well".

Happily, there's been not so much as a post-filling twinge from yesterday's 22mm deep root canal excavations. A nice, hot cuppa it is then. <Sigh>

And he's back!

Though I can't say the post-morning-rush-to-work weather has a lot going for it. Other than being 5C above freezing; I'll settle for that sort of temperature for tomorrow's drive up to Birmingham. Where, though she doesn't yet know it, I shall be having my first meeting with young Betsy:


Rather a lot of prep still needed today before I can set off, however. [Pause] Starting with yet more foody stuff. Golly! I saw a Bentley sports coupé parked somewhat angularly in the Waitrose carpark. It probably would have felt more at home outside Lidl or Aldi. The array of chocolate boxes I stared at in bemusement for several minutes was eye-watering enough.


Moments after I'd finished reading this item I had a phone call from Gill & Chris that improved markedly after Chris switched off their Xmas lights. I dread to think what their broadband performance was like. And earlier today I took a couple of my new mains-operated LED light bulbs over to Brian for him to check the amount of RF leaking from the switched power supplies they contain (in case this interfered with his ham radio working). He found no sign of any problem, so he's now going to embark on his own lighting technology upgrades.

I also tried one alongside the cold CFL light that Len prefers and was really quite surprised by how much warmer the LED light was. I'm now left pondering which temperature I actually prefer.



1  The — to me, utterly implausible (if not downright irrational) — stance taken by my recent Pakistani NHS doctors / neighbours. Now that they've moved away I find I don't really miss the discussions we had on occasion. For example: that I should read the Koran, but only in its "original" language, not in infidel translation. Only that way could I know the truth...