2013 — 9 February: Saturday

Rather than alerting me to the threat? opportunity? posed by 29,000,000 legal immigrants all suddenly moving into Eastleigh next year1 perhaps Mr Farage should have stuck to safer ground. He could have mentioned the horsemeat apparently flooding the UK from Eastern European abattoirs and turning up in ready-meal packages labelled as "beef" lasagne. I have actually eaten a horsemeat steak, in France, in the 1960s. I'm not a great eater of meat, but I don't draw any great distinction between species. Even I, though, would probably spurn a plate of grilled politician.

My second new 3TB drive is installed and already in use as I sup my second cuppa, glumly contemplate the morning rain, and happily renew my acquaintance with the music choices of Brian Matthew. File transfer speeds obviously depend (more than somewhat) on file sizes. But I was seeing copying speeds from 'Data' to 'Backup' as high as 190 MB/second. I can just about live with that. I have 'just' the music left to be copied.

Not for the...

... first time, I've completely failed in all attempts to get BlackBeast to recognise any sign or hint of my external DVD drive via its speedy 'Firewire' interface, but it immediately acknowledges a USB 2 connection. Meanwhile, though I'm pleased to note this...

Disk Management

... I still feel slightly cheated. Why should a 3TB USB3 external drive be seen as slightly bigger than the two 3TB internal SATA drives? "It's a mystery to me, the game commences..."

A wet, and...

... frankly rather bedraggled-looking but cheerful young Mr Postie (the morning rain veered briefly into sleet territory) has just helped me top up my Almodóvar collection:


I bought this to see how Sarah Polley manages as an actress, given her sterling performance behind the camera on the very fine "Take This Waltz". It seems a little naughty to describe this (as the back cover artwork does) as "a compelling film from Pedro Almodóvar, the renowned director..." when it's written and directed by Isabel Coixet.

I'm feeling the mild glow of virtue that follows in the wake of a spot of domestic cleaning. Or is that the light lunch? Matters not. Time for my next cuppa.

Only in Singapore?

How "Improbable" is this?

Nipple detection?

Wicked what you can do with software these days.



1  See yesterday's jotting lest you think I've completely flipped.