2012 — 12 June: Tuesday

As it happens, the only music I own by "The Waterboys" is called "Sweet Thing" and I have no idea which CD compilation it was on. It's found a home in my "W -- Misc" subfolder. By contrast, (having just heard it played on BBC 6Music) I found my friends Gill and Chris had three instances of their hit single "The Whole of the Moon" on the network hard drive I salvaged for them. So? Well, I don't agree that "You saw the whole of the moon" — or certainly not last night, I didn't.1

Still, the rain seems to be on "hold" for a while, though it's plenty damp out there, with just a hint of brightness. The back garden is a verdant jungle, with the fastest-growing alien lifeform currently looking to be my fine collection of brambles.

It occurs to me that I may have kept my virus away from dear Mama for long enough. Not that she will have any clear idea, but I wouldn't want the care-home to think I've dropped off the grid. Besides, I could deliver their recent customer survey... if I could find it, and fill it in, which entails finding both a pen and the necessary enthusiasm. So, certainly not before a cuppa and some breakfast.

On with the show.

I've taken shamefully long...

... to write a simple little book review of the gem by David EH Jones I first mentioned here. But my friend Tom has been relentless in his cheery nagging and I've just sent Amazon UK my entirely deathless piece of prose. In the meantime, Mr Postie dropped off another gem, only slightly moist:

Alison Bechdel

Ms Bechdel writes (among lots of other fine stuff) the long-running saga "Dykes to watch out for" — an everyday story of country folk it is not :-)

John Major...

... (remind me who he is, again) this morning at 11:36 cited Sky as a "very notable contribution to our national life". Golly. Somebody shoot me now. Mind you, he's not quoted as having said it was a "good" contribution. (Source.)

Should you ever...

... consider buying your own copy of that book by "Daedalus", perhaps this will help to convince you :-)

David EH Jones

My first-ever product review on Amazon. And I did indeed buy my own copy, to go alongside the one David kindly sent me a while back.

A fruitless trip...

... out to the care-home, as dear Mama had gone walkabout somewhere. As she wasn't in any of her usual hiding places I called it a day and trotted home.

A fruitful email...

... from my ISP was waiting for me. It basically said "Please chat — we'd love to move you on to fibre for only a bit more per month." I took the precaution of inspecting my usage stats before chatting. I have a monthly download cap of 100GB, and generally bubble around at 10% of that. Since my download and upload speeds strike me as perfectly adequate for my present purposes, I ended up agreeing not to move up to fibre but, in fact, to move down to a 20GB cap thereby saving about two pints of beer a month (as it were).

Mr Salesman wasn't that gratified at first, and tried to convince me of the virtues of using them for my telephone too. Fat chance! I did point out to him that he hadn't lost his customer, though if he kept talking he might do so. And he did concede that — with my usage — my change made perfect sense. Result.

I've just received email confirmation of "my order" though it manages not to describe what it is exactly that I've ordered. We shall see. Now I reckon I've earned my next cuppa.


Season #2 of "The Mentalist" ended well, but I shall now retire. Got a walk tomorrow, GWATCDR.



1  Song lyrics don't always make a great deal of sense to me, or others. Hence, I suppose, an entire Wikipedia entry in this case.