2012 — 18 March: Sunday

I see I rather neglected my diary1 yesterday. I was reading — concentratedly — and Time just got away from me. Today we've arranged some cobweb dispersal (aka walking) for which I'll be needing a packed lunch, and then I have an evening rendezvous for a meal and a repeat showing of Twiglet #4 on a large screen. Excellent.

My contribution will be to bring along the DVD of extras that (although clearly advertised on the cover art of the UK Blu-ray) has not actually been put on it — an oversight that the distributor has now acknowledged, and will be fixing by sending out free DVDs to customers who get in touch. Since I already had the Blu-ray on order (thanks, Junior) I decided to avoid the hassle and simply picked up a copy of the 2-disc DVD on Wednesday's expotition to Asda (when I got the magnificent "Big Lebowski" for such a bargain price).

The first cuppa...

... is already nearly forgotten and, at 07:08, it's actually quite sunny out there. Looks as if there was a mild frost overnight — I'd noticed it was clear when I was doing my blinds and curtains round last night though I didn't do that until a minute or so before midnight. Like I said, Time did a runner.

If I had any chums, and any time, and wasn't a technology Luddite without a Facebook account, I might float the phrase "socially disruptive narcissism" to do some teasing...


I'll settle for another cuppa and a bite to eat. And say "happy birthday" to my NZ sister-in-law.

Having just clambered...

... out of an aches and calf-pain-soothing2 hot bath, I'm about to wrap myself around an equally soothing cuppa and relax for a couple of hours before once again saddling up the Yaris for my evening outing.



1  Not for the first time.
2  Like idiots, we repeated a section of the hilly trails around the Shoulder of Mutton, finding much that was chalky, slippery, mud to contend with this time.