2012 — 13 March: Tuesday

Whatever it is that eats grapefruit on my behalf1 is alive and well, and living in my kitchen. What would it do without me, I wonder?

The new day looks slightly damp and rather grey out there. It's 09:18 and I'm predicting a spot of fresh foody shopping in my short-term future. What would Waitrose do without me, I wonder?

I've been a fan...

... of Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City" since reading the first volume2 a mere eight years after I bought it in December 1980. In May 1988 we made one of our many many trips to dear Mama in the Midlands, and my 'price' was permission to stop in Oxford for a quick dash around Blackwells:

Hey! I'm having great fun reading Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City. Confession time: I bought the first volume back in 1980 but, what with the move, the change of job, parenthood, somehow overlooked it at the time. Well, I started it on Friday, and was sufficiently taken with it by the time of our Saturday arrival in Oxford to pick up all three successor titles. There's little enough on the surface to tie a Southampton straight recluse to a San Franciscan extrovert gay... But I heartily recommend it (except that you're probably way ahead of me!)

Date: 16 May 1988 email to Carol

What a long time ago it all seems. <Sigh> Breakfast, and then my expotition...

I've also been a fan...

... of Stephenie Meyer's sparkly Twilight vampires since watching the first film 1,000 days ago, and promptly getting and reading the books. Last night's "Breaking Dawn, part 1" has (according to IMDB) almost completely polarised its voting audience. Well, I enjoyed it. Mind you, it veered briefly off the road to buttock-clenchingly awful during the wolf pack's 'telepathy' scene, but, on the whole, I think it was pretty damn' fine. It stopped exactly where I thought it would, too. And if you stopped watching when the credits rolled, you missed an entire Volturi scene.

As I bumble...

... along, considerably below light speed, I fall further and further behind current 'warped' thinking. (Link.)

It will, alas, take more than one high-speed Sudoku to erase the one hour spent at the care-home this afternoon. Still, she was in fine free-associating form. What a strange zombie-like existence hers must be. Ignorance can indeed be bliss. It's 16:10 and the kettle is just bursting to boil for me. (I can tell.)

So, there I am...

... somewhat later, watching the latest (of three, excellent) "Castle"-related fan videos by "PauseTheTragicEnding" on YouTube. And, now that I've grabbed them for local offline replay (courtesy of a frightfully useful video Download Helper extension for Firefox), I note that one of the pieces of music used is "Duelling Guitars"3 by Doug Smith. Why does it sound familiar? Well, perhaps because it's on the "August Rush" soundtrack. As is "Bari Improv" by Kaki King. Which I now have playing, of course.



1  A grey-green mould, apparently.
2  As it happens, that particular paperback is now on a friend's shelf.
3  Not to be confused with "Duelling Banjos" (from "Deliverance", a film I have no intention of watching) or "Duelling Tubas" (by Martin Mull).