2011 — 1 January: Saturday — rabbits!

And fresh new year1 though, right now, I have to say it feels very much like the tired, old year. It's four years to the day since my last-ever New Year's day trip to the seaside with Christa. I have no idea where the time disappears, but I acidly observe it's speeding up constantly. If that isn't a paradox.

I'm guessing it's time for some sleep. G'night.

What better way...

... to hail the New Year, thought I, (as I sup a cuppa and listen to the second hour of Brian Matthew's Sounds of the 60s) than to comment on the weirdy beardy bloke who is suggesting we should all re?-read the King James book of fairy stories to re?-discover its relevance to modern life and the "Big Picture"? Alas, my butterfly mind got distracted by an adjacent story of even greater taste and relevance to modern life:


As for the bible — having enjoyed Robert Crumb's illustrated book of Genesis in 2009, what need have I for any older edition? And Genesis is, of course, where it all started! (Ask Peter2 Gabriel.)

Christa always enjoyed listening to the New Year's day concert from Vienna, so guess what I'm doing as I stew a plum or two to go atop my breakfast cereal? Though personally I find a relatively little bit of waltz music goes quite a long way :-)

Shiver me timbers

Is it just me, or is it turning chilly again? I've just sniffed the outside air — it's all of +4.5C and drearily grey. Still, as long as it stays above freezing for another 24 hours or so, that's all I ask in the short term. I shall be performing my annual "rite de taxi" later today, taking the lads from Winchester down to Verwood for an annual slap-up meal with an Aged P or two (Mike thought it better not described as a "works outing"). It's just gone noon and I'm about "up to here" with respect to my Viennese music threshold. Sorry, Christa!

As I prepare my festive lunch — a festive slice of chicken, ham, and turkey pie topped with a generous helping of festive cranberries and festooned with festive salad (and a cheeky, rare portion of microwave chips — it is, after all, a festive occasion) — I'm tickled to see that a Phoenix nursing home has independently discovered the calming powers of chocolate for its demented residents. I have my next bag of the festive stuff from which to dole out dear Mama's next festive ration on my next festive trip.

Somewhat later

I'm back at Technology Towers, replete after an excellent meal, and taxi duties safely concluded for the evening. It's 22:14 and I'm now wrapping myself around a cuppa and putting my feet up (as it were). The first walk of 2011 is set for tomorrow... start as we mean to go on, heh?



1  Unbelievably.
2  Or should that be "Pater" as I originally typed it?