2010 — 7 May: Friday

It's somewhat after midnight, and Mike has warned me that his present snuffles may yet turn into the sort of cold that knocks our planned walk on the head. Now, do I bother to stay up with a radio tuned into the pseudo-excitement of the results, or do I just ignore the whole sorry mess? Who knows? I shall play with my new server for a little bit longer, methinks. That's far more interesting.



My former constituency not only stayed Lib Dem but increased its vote share. However, boundary changes1 since the last election mean the bit I live in has been hoovered up by Winchester and, predictably, also means I now once again have a Tory MP.2 If this is a fair voting system then (as Ian Hislop might say) I'm a banana.

Breakfast is on board. A soothing cuppa likewise. My new server is behaving nicely (as is the Chrome browser). It remains to be seen how my walking companion is doing in his battle with germy things. [Pause] Not well, it seems. Bother those intelligently-designed little critters — they insinuate themselves where even Tories don't venture.

It's 10:55 and I'm all Waitrosed up and ready for my lunchtime adventure. We're off to that bikers' café (where everybody knows your name) for the healthy (that is, rind removed) bacon sarnie and cuppa. Then over to see Roger and Eileen when the taste buds have recovered. Good unjob I'm retired.

13:14 and the afternoon is now my not exactly sunny oyster (or some such).

Is "batch" the...

... correct collective noun for today's group of Blu-rays?


Should help with the post-election blues, certainly.

Rather later

It's 22:31 or so. I shared a cuppa or two and some biccies with R&E before rolling my sleeves up (as it were) and working on some of the dustier recesses3 of my little web site on the new server. Not, as it happens, any bits that are outside the firewall. I've also had some food, of course, and skimmed through the new batch of Blu-rays. All excellent films at bargain prices. I think tonight's choice will be the Jodie Foster "Contact" based on the novel by Carl Sagan and his wife. True, it has some pretty clunky dialogue in places but the overall message is definitely an uplifting one.



1  Only a terrible cynic would even suggest the motivation behind these changes.
2  My last such took himself permanently out of commission (as it were) by hanging himself while (in the immortal words of an infamous Seinfeld episode) "treating his body as an amusement park" — poor chap.
3  Caused by the unwelcome realisation that my server side includes cannot themselves also contain server side includes (yet they seem able to on the Texan server). Minor irritation.