2010 — 21 April: Wednesday

The Tao of Steve turned out to be a very engaging little film. I followed it up with a repeat viewing of Ten inch hero — first watched over at Mike's in January. It's just turned midnight, and rather cool, too, I now notice. Assuming all goes according to our cunning plan (including the weather forecast) we shall be off on another country ramble in a few hours. So first, some sleep.


Followed, nine hours later...

... by an approving glance at a sunny blue sky, mild breezes, and a fresh cuppa to clear the mental cobwebs. Plus some very Reichian music on BBC Radio 3 (not identified, as of 09:10).

Back when I was an IBM "mole" I always honoured requests to "put your pen down" while taking my notes in management (for want of a better word) meetings. I see that Google has started doing much the same, reporting the requests from guvmints to remove content. Fascinating to see what happens when you shine a little light around the murkier corners.

I don't care even if its name is Hibbertopterus — scorpions and spiders are both on my "don't go there" list when they exceed a certain size, measurable in not that many microns.

My "do go there" list would include a live cinema broadcast of Alan Bennett's "The habit of art" from the National Theatre tomorrow (apparently). Details are tantalisingly sparse as to my nearest venue. No Odeon locally...

Right! Time to set off. Boots? Bag? Brain cell?

Competition is good...

... After my efforts yesterday Mike decided he, too, could take nice shots of tulips. Click the pic to see the larger variants:

Small mystery

Taken in bright daylight, but in the shade of a hedge, by a small stream in Warnford. I'll leave Mike to do any Photoshopping. Still, not too bad for a cheap Nikon, I suppose :-)

It's very hard to make a tulip look ugly! Here's another of my shots from yesterday for comparison. Depth of field and focussing can be pretty tricky, but there's plenty of detail available in the larger variant if you click on the thumbnail:

Small mystery

Time (16:36) for another cuppa, methinks. I shall be returning to Winchester this evening after my meal for a pair of films back-to-back: "August Rush" (which is new to me) and "Velvet Goldmine" (which has been in my collection for some time but not yet seen). Beats what's on offer by our broadcasters during the run-up to an election.

What's this, wedged in...

... my rather dusty Venetian blinds? Mr Postie is reverting to his former delivery habits, it seems. (One of them knocks so gently I barely notice.)


It's a Kurt Vonnegut story that had somehow passed me by. Mind you, Christa and I got enough anti-German sentiment at times over the years that it made WW II films something we tended to avoid. We were both born after the end of that nasty conflict, of course, but that doesn't stop people being stupid. In fact, I'm not really sure what does. I would like to think "education", but I'm obviously too optimistic.