2010 — 20 April: Tuesday

Having later tried, and decided to pass, on Borat (an acquired taste, no doubt) City of God, and Songcatcher (in addition to the French film Not here to be loved) I've given up on video1 for the evening and reverted to pure audio for the next Ian Carr tribute item — his Northumbrian sketches. Just tell me: what kind of god inflicts Alzheimer's on a man of such talent? Unbelievable.


Having grappled...

... with, and defeated, my Su Doku there's now a crockpot waiting to be tenderly stuffed, and my first news of a delivery delay because of that not-so-distant volcano and its insidious ash. And a cuppa, of course. It's sunny, cool, and 08:28 or so.

Right. What's next, Mrs Landingham? Besides another cuppa, of course. Breakfast, perhaps? And a local delivery of DVDs to return, relatively unwatched (!), to the wage slave that owns them. Did I mention it's gloriously sunny, by the way. Wonder if I can winkle my main co-pilot out of his cave for a minor-league adventure?

Wheeling the "green" bin back in, I was struck by the awesome colours (and pleased by the apparent lack of pollen) out and about in Christa's garden. So it's time for another little montage. Click the pic:

Some of the unclassified species in Christa's garden, Spring 2010

Good grief, where did the morning go? But thanks for this, Mr Postie:


I'm unfamiliar with the director — Jenniphr Goodman.

Back from a...

... little snoop around more of Hedge End than I usually visit — it's what happens when you realise you have to overshoot your motorway exit rather than carve up a bunch of close-packed motorists in the two inner lanes. Oops. First time that's happened. Definitely time (17:33) to switch off the crockpot, pour myself a fresh cuppa, and kick back a little to steady the nerves.

I bear no ill-will toward holiday-makers trapped by grounded planes, but I'm amazed at the idea of the UK guvmint using Royal Navy ships to bring them home. A PR disaster in the making, if the BBC's choice of "Josephine Public" whiny soundbites is any indicator. Quite how it's thought a Navy ship can suddenly appear, as if by magic, beggars belief. And quite why this is the guvmint's problem is also puzzling. I do, on the other hand, bear ill-will towards Goldman Sachs and will follow the FSA's fraud investigations with, forgive the pun, interest.

Tulip, take 2

I've just revisited my favourite flower from this morning. Beware the large file size if you click on the pic:

Small mystery

Christa was very fond of her flowers, and I loved sitting on the garden bench with her as she pointed them out to me. (In between my sneezes, that is!)



1  Big Bro, meanwhile, tells me he's just splashed out on both a new washing machine and a new 32" Sony LCD TV. He claims not to know what the alphabet soup (Motion flow 100Hz; Full HD 1080; BE3 engine; bravia sync; HDMI x4; USB; Dolby Digital; and DIVX) means — I believe him. I did try to persuade him to go for a slightly larger screen, too. But there's no telling some people. Especially Big Bros.