2010 — 23 January: Saturday

Just another placeholder. Details to come will include the very thoughtful Xmas present from my son. (Clue: it came from "Gosh comics" in London, and is signed by the artist.)

G'night, at 00:22 or so.

Not being the one...

... with a dental appointment at 09:00 I was, of course, the one who woke up far too early and then dozed fitfully. Typical.

As established, chaps in this family who go to the dentist get a reward afterwards,1 hence (at 13:33) we're relatively recently back from a morning screening of "Avatar". Alas, no OAP discount this time — an expensive business, therefore. There remains, it seems, the matter of migrating my email server to Google Apps (he's told me this will be painless) and the getting down from the loft of his ski kit ready for his next holiday.

Eye in the Sky

Smile, please! It seems this is no longer just the title of an album by Alan Parsons. Funny that it should require a Freedom of Information request to reveal... What a good job it is that we have such a trustworthy state apparatus here in the Benighted Kingdom. Not a bent copper among them; and, come to think of it, such honest MPs, too. Phew! What was that about flying pigs? (Source.)

Pity I don't have a "Postgraduate degree (Masters or higher)" as that means I can't apply for the job of Deputy Head of Corporate Communications with my local county plods. Only £38K to £42K though. Hardly worth getting out of bed for.

Rather later

I've just regained my connection to the outside world. It's 20:52 and I'm listening to Katharine Whitehorn — a classy journalist. Now, about that Xmas present. Who could resist the omnibus edition of "Fat Freddy's cat"? Signed by the great Gilbert Shelton himself? Not to mention a bigger-than-ever collection of those "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers"? What it is to have a son who understands his Dad's taste, heh?


We managed to cram in another two films back here at the ranch after reworking my email setup. I'm still using the Thunderbird email client, but my mail server is now up there somewhere in the Google Apps cloud, where it's apparently a lot less likely to get itself blacklisted as a spamming system. So I'm now grappling with the concepts of labels and smart folders and IMAP. Still, I've got over 7GB of space and have used only about 2MB of it with the dregs that were still on my previous server.

Peter decided not to stay the second night, so he loaded all the ski gear into his Aygo and off he tootled. Very nice to see him, of course. Had to forego the invite to an evening meal and film over at Mike's, however, as the poor chap's feeling a bit under the weather. We may yet get a walk in tomorrow, though. Fingers crossed.

That's enough for today, despite the interesting programme about Todd Rundgren. I'm off for some sleep. And so what if it's only 22:43?



1  Even if, at nearing 30, they have yet to have a single filling in an adult tooth.