2009 — 22 November: Sunday

I suppose fewer and fewer people remember what happened on this day in 1963. Oh well. It's just gone midnight and I'm going to head off to bed. Tonight's picture of Christa (which I've only been partly successful in colour correcting) is separated from last night's by a little more than 33 years. It still amazes me, but her smile remains warm and wonderful!

Christa, mid-1974

The Lukas Ligeti CD is quite pleasant, by the way. It dates from 1997.


Two overnight readers...

... have so far assured me they recall JFK. I think I shall nip out to the foody shop before Peter arrives, and before it rains any more. It's currently moist but bright. Cool and cloudy, too. Bit like me. 08:44 and counting.

Pah! Guess who forgot the foody shop doesn't open until 10:00? So I've just got time to drive back home, ruminate on my stupidity, and grab a bite to eat before setting off into what is, once again, quite heavy rain. As Eliza Doolittle said: "Gaaargh!" I suppose I should be grateful that it does at least open on a Sunday... eventually...

Were I the sort of chap to become depressed by (for random example) the state of "education" today, I would probably nod in agreement with much of this. But now it's time to go hunter-gather again. No time for further rumination.

In a (non-brown) study

The second picture I ever took with my then new-fangled Canon was of the study — how original. (In March 2007.) Today, while it's almost tidy at one end, I thought I'd repeat the exercise. My, how the speakers have grown! (Click the pic for [large] full size):


This is picture #4266 (which would be on my 118th roll of Kodachrome in "old money"). It's 12:19, the sun is out, the rain has (again) stopped, I'm listening to the delicious music of Alison Krauss & Union Station, and vaguely wondering when Peter is going to show up. I shall try to keep him downstairs as it's fair to say his room is in a shocking mess at the moment.

Many things puzzle me. When, for example, did "Finisterre" become "FitzRoy"? Turns out, it was in February 2002, and in honour of the founder of what became the Met Office. Just (13:10) had a call predicting arrival in about an hour, after horrendous traffic, they have just got on to the M3. Early feeding is advised, too, lest Peter starts eating my furniture.

Thought for the day

The wise elders of the BBC seem to have decided that only hand-picked religious contributors have thoughts worth broadcasting, though the BBC Trust does not rule out the possibility of hearing thoughts uttered by those among us lacking in the saving grace of religious enlightenment. Perhaps it's time to try Platitude of the Day instead!

Meanwhile (it's now 20:15) I'm back from a delicious lunch followed by a viewing of the second film in the "Twilight" saga. I was, I suspect, in a minority of one (of the three of us) in liking the film. Say, 7/10 perhaps. No standout music tracks, for example. But for a film of 130 minutes, I never once looked at my watch, which is the acid test.

I have a(nother) famous friend!

Val, despite living in Stockholm, has managed to get her picture and "case study" in last week's Independent on Sunday. How cool is that? She's had a hair-cut since we last saw her, too :-)