2008 — 29 December: Monday

When did it become 01:11? I know I was enjoying the first of the two "Little Dorrit" films (the six-hour version with Derek Jacobi, from 1987) but this is silly. Nor do I seem to be the slightest bit tired. Lingering adrenalin from the driving, perhaps? Still, Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour has finished, so I may as well call it a night.

How can such a thing as Bad Science even exist? Beats me, Chief. 01:45 and counting.


It's 09:22 and f-f-f-freezing. Time to start the next crockpot!

Right. Next: breakfast (when the appetite has recovered). Meanwhile, a new definition of religion to ponder:

Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens pile on the greatest amount of scorn, while Dennett takes the role of good cop. But despite differences of tone and detail, they all agree that belief in God is a kind of superstition. As Harris puts it, religion "is the denial — at once full of hope and full of fear — of the vastitude of human ignorance."

Alex Byrne in Boston Review

"Vastitude" is a new one on me. Certainly, the older I get, the more I realise just how little I know and understand. Bertrand Russell put his position rather more concisely: "Lack of evidence." But I do know it's time for my next cuppa and a bite to eat.

Mr Postie has finally delivered the DVD I mentioned here. Spot the difference!1


Goodness me, traffic on some of the bits of motorway I used yesterday is apparently motionless. Is everybody out there buying their way out of recession? I'm not! It's time (14:07) for a late lunch, methinks.

A pair of reluctant radiator valves have been given a gentle torque-ing to, and normal hotness is restored. (Just as well; the prevailing wind has removed yet more of the polystyrene bead cavity fill2 insulation in the vicinity of the ill-fitted [Anglian] kitchen double-glazing — I can see a few of the escapees dangling on one of the cobwebs outside, somewhat like failed escapee POWs in "The Great Escape"!)

In later news

It's 18:45, so that would explain the rumbling tum. Food! Now!! But, while I wait for my serving to reach a temperature I can manage without making my eyes water and the roof of my mouth catch fire, I've just had time to submit a comment to my son's new blog. Wonder if he'll accept it? (Not sure about his resting heart rate arithmetic, but I'm sure he'll pick that up.)

Christa would worry — it's what parents do — about his weight loss, but I listened carefully to his explanation and can certainly see the result. Plus he's been eating healthy stuff I've not previously seen him go anywhere near (though I'm not exactly a good example in this area). Mind you, I've also been eating healthy stuff I previously wouldn't go very near. I'm very aware of the need to keep up an intake of fresh fruit (no prob) and fresh veg (many probs) though I still draw a pretty firm line at yoghurt.

Yum. That's much better.

As I don't expect any more DVDs to thump onto the doormat before 2009 I've also updated the list you can find in the "video" section. (I haven't linked directly to the list as it's quite a slow page [350KB] to load unless you have broadband — have you persuaded Big Bro to pay for that, yet, Lis?)



1  The transposition of the actors' names has been corrected on the final artwork. (One of my alert readers had mentioned this, as it happens.)
2  About half the houses on our little estate were completed before the original builder went bust in 1982. So about half also pre-dated the requirement to have such insulation. As I mentioned, we had beads blown into the cavities, and I spent a couple of nasty days fitting glass-fibre insulation in the entire loft space, too.