2007 — 18 October: there is a State Fairy Godmother!

Time now (00:41) — very late for me latterly, I realise. I'd got back from yet another delicious meal over in the bungalow and was just doing a spot of Internet Banking (as one does) paying a few accumulated credit card bills when I suddenly noticed Christa's just received her first Disability Living Allowance payment straight into one of our joint accounts. It's minor compensation for the hell She's going through — but thank you to all parties1 concerned nonetheless. Shall I try for the blue badge (for parking, and discounts at the hospital) or the Carer's Allowance next, I wonder? Neither without a night's sleep, that's for sure.

Later today (just confirmed by my phone call at 09:00ish) She is indeed due to stop being a "Nil By Mouth" patient. Mind you, that just means sips of water and the re-introduction of (all, it seems) her meds orally while they see how Her tum copes. She had a "brilliant" night (helped along by the sleeping pill She requested) but was able to confirm I won't have Her back at home before the weekend at this rate. We started this fight 100 days ago and She has no intention of giving in, I assure you.

Rara avis... department

It seems to have been a very long time since I was awoken by the friendly rapping of Mr Amazon, doesn't it? (A little over 100 days, unfunnily enough.) But it happened today 20 minutes ago, some six hours or so after I'd eventually switched off the bedside light, and heralded the arrival of one of those "does what it says on the cover" fat volumes of memoirs. I'm a sucker for these views from people who seem to know everyone and live for years on the periphery of power and influence, even as I realise on another level of my brain that our planet's warring tribes of humans are governed2 and entertained by slightly pushier monkeys than the rest of us.

Schlesinger journals

Driving forecast

With luck, and my co-pilot's continued willingness to risk his life and limbs, we shall venture yet further afield along a local Roman Road. Toot! Toot!

She was quite entranced to hear about all 115 miles of my driving adventures and cheered up visibly as I put the best possible spin3 on them for Her. The car is simply fabulous, by the way, and the automatic transmission is magical. I actually believe I'm going to enjoy being able to drive, which amazes me.

Driving report

Another 68.5 miles clocked up, (Corhampton, the Meon Valley, Four Marks, various A roads and dual carriageways) plus a nice cuppa Earl Grey and a homemade butterfly cake at World of Water. Yummy! Plus: I've discovered (by RTFM) how to put it into "Park" despite the conspicuous absence of a slot labelled "Park". And I did a couple of emergency stops to find out what happens when one slams on the anchors at some speed on a good condition dry straight road with no traffic in sight. Basically, the car stops, more quickly than I would ever have believed possible, and hard enough to risk bruising the co-pilot indeed. Incredible.


Just (15:35) spoken to the Lady. She had some jelly and stuff for lunch, and is "feeling great" She says. We will now pop over and say "Hi", bearing Private Eye and the latest New Statesman neither of which I've so much as glanced at. She was a little cross at our lateness, but had in fact been under the impression that the day's driving adventures had been taking place in the mornings. Not so! They don't start until after the ingestion of the meal on a wheel. And they are currently ending before all the school traffic builds up in the afternoons, too.

Now (19:20 plus) She's feeling "full" after a cottage cheese and pineapple sandwich, lettuce, jelly and a cup of tea. Let's hope this strange mixture behaves itself properly on its way through Her...



1  It didn't stop me signing the Lib Dem's petition against the closure of our local Post Office yesterday. Sorry, Gordon!
2  Assuming that's the verb I'm looking for.
3  I haven't yet told Her about the "Sport" setting on the gearbox.