2007 — 11 July: off to Chalybeate hospital

250 days into retirement and, today, we start the fight for Christa. Wish us luck, everybody!

She's not in pain, was cheerful last night, and is ready to start. I will try to keep this diary going, but I will be spending most of my energy trying to keep me going. I know you understand. She reminds me, and I pass it on, that there are many people in worse situations. While I have to agree, Christa is the one I love, and the one that matters most to me.

Why isn't it raining?

I certainly could use a shower!

I sat with Her right through Her first blessed blast of Chemo. It went well. That was on a drip, along with various other bits and bobs. Poor girl will be higher than a kite at this rate. Tomorrow, the routine switches to daily pairs of (sets of) Chemo pills (I have all the names written down somewhere — heck, they even gave me a DVD to watch; the drug regimen is pretty amazing). She's just told me to ring Her back in 10 minutes or so. Excuse me!