2007 — 11 October: let there be lights!

Time now (09:49) and nearly all meds are onboard, plus the crossword is fully solved. No pain to speak of, and all systems "go". Wonderful.

Today's first adventure

Upwards and onwards into the loft, wearing yesterday's acquisition (a 21-LED "headlight") to help me perform those electrical lighting shenanigans. Now, which fuse shall I pull out? Not that one! OK, try another...

She who must be adored is therefore on full alert for the meals on wheels delivery (which, on Thursdays, also delivers two frozen sets for the weekend).

Baby is that really you?... department

Seeing my model yacht languishing up there in the loft in a remote corner (and having been so tickled to see myself at age 14 yesterday) I've decided to crank up the juice to the flux capacitor and venture even further back in Time than Marty McFly... (click the pic)

DCM in 1954

... the elderly gentleman demonstrating the workings of the yacht he built for Big Bro here was my grandfather — a gifted engineer who worked for Wolseley Motors in Smethwick (Birmingham). He went on to build a rather more splendid yacht for me, in his traditional garden shed, of course, though I have to admit I last sailed it on Lindow Common up in Wilmslow nearly 45 years ago.