2007 — 1 October: rabbits again already

Time now (07:14) and the final daily radiation session coming up within the next two hours. Not quite enough sleep so far today, but the day is young!

OK, here we are back at home (10:10) and I'm pleased to say "that's it" for scheduled treatment for a while; just back to the flow1 of meds, and let's see if we can resume Life on Planet Normal for the time being. We'll be seeing Christa's consultant some time in the next four to six weeks after the radiation side-effects have had time to settle down.

I wonder what's for lunch?!


Bliss is getting the Boston Legal #3 DVD box set delivered free of Customs charges, while the savoury lamb and dumpling wasn't too shabby, either. (Well, She enjoyed the extra dumpling — but we both balked at the rice pudding — again.) Plus, the Humax is busy watching Film4 while it shows a 1944 film (directed by Carol Reed and written by Eric Ambler) for our later delectation. This is (or was, by now, I hope) The Way Ahead which, if IMDB can be trusted, was still in use for officer training in Australia as recently as 1983.

Then, before you know it...

It's already nearly 12 hours later, and I have some smart new trousers in the new Mounce slimmer waist size to be tried on, and a very nice woollen top with a few bits of suede on it (just like one that my Dad had, I now remember) — I seem to have become my parent! But I also have to report that the Sainsbury's at Hedge End also runs out2 of its supply of well-fired bread, dammit. (Thinks: if the stuff is so popular, why don't they bake more?)



1  I put in the next repeat prescription request yesterday afternoon...
2  The feeble excuse on Saturday in Eastleigh was that their batch has been altogether too well-fired, so there was none to be had at all.