2007 — 1 September: rabbits!

Mrs Old Bank handed over one extra penny in interest from my old account. Incredible.

In other news

There is none, yet. It's only 07:50! The crossword beckons. Plus a random email request for a copy of a BBC Archive Hour recording I made in 2002.

Ex-neighbours come a'callin...

Welcome, Ken and Barbara. The latter, of course, gets shown the garden. Click the pic below:

What is this?

OK, now it's definitely time for lunch!

Suddenly, it's 20:20

Where did that day go? Well, there was the adventure of the reheating of two meals-on-wheels packs simultaneously. I think tomorrow's repeat exercise will involve the oven rather than the microwave. Plus we discovered neither of us likes1 creamed rice pudding. Then the adventure of the afternoon nap, the afternoon walk (a surprisingly long one), the evening meal (hurrah, She's finished off the last of the stinky2 Camembert), the ongoing ingestion of meds, and some garden pottering. It all adds up.

Time to break into her evening ration of Film 4 for the penultimate meds of the day.



1  I actually knew that already, from my earliest memories of battles of wills/won'ts with dear ol' Dad over Sunday lunch desserts. Plus the even more disgusting variant served up at Cheadle Hulme school in 1961 or so (and enjoyed with apparent gusto by some of my fellow pupils) wouldn't even succumb to gravity if the dish was inverted. Filthy muck.
2  I'm hoping, but am not completely certain, that the kitchen's "pong" quotient will now drop back to a gentle background hum, of course.