2007 — 2 September: getting a bit autumnal-ish?

Morning shower splashing as I type and eat my own breakfast. Just the one set of meds left and we're all set for some world-class pottering about, methinks. Distant church bells1 summoning the faithful. And a new series of the Antiques Roadshow to look forward to this evening.

Therapeutic radio

We now have the details of the radio-therapy sessions. An initial CT scan this coming Wednesday afternoon to plan the attack, and then twelve sessions, each precisely 11 minutes long, running (on and off) from 12 September to 2 October. They are all around 9 o'clock in the morning.

And another day...

Well, it's now 21:57 and Antiques Roadshow is filed in the memory bank. I've left the Humax to, as it were, its own devices as far as the final few episodes of The Sopranos is concerned. Can't say I'm greatly bothered either way. All meds safely onboard including the evening morphine. She's relaxing with (falling asleep over) the New Statesman magazine while I type this final paragraph and check for the odd genuine email among the ever-present tide of spam. (Tragedy of the commons with a vengeance.)

Last "active" day of the Chemo is tomorrow, and then that's Cycle #3 at an end. And, for me, page 259 "Road and Traffic Signs" beckons. Deep Joy.



1  The nicest feature of Christa's village — Meisenheim — apart from Her parental palace (of course) was, in my opinion, the rich set of bells from the various churches. A truly continental sound and flavour to each of our stays, and they were oddly soothing through the night, too.